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Our goal is to provide a "Hands On" experience with many types of cameras to expose photographers to cameras that they may have never seen before. We also working to compile reference information for collectors and potential users.

This website was started in December of 2005 and is currently (and for the foreseeable future will be) a work in progress. The site is founded on the belief that this information should be freely available to the public and we plan on keeping it that way. Creating QTVR Object movies does take quite a bit of time, so this websites growth will be slow but steady. With well over 40,000 different camera models in the world this site will never be totally complete, but we can provide a good overview of the changes to the world of photography.

We use Flash to display our 3D Object Movies. If you can't see and rotate images on the camera pages you need to download Flash Player from get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ It's a free download and a small file, so if you don't have it, what are you waiting for? Originaly this site was made with Apple's Quicktime VR Player (QTVR.) Flash offered more options so I decided to convert the site to flash. Many thanks to Thomas Rauscher of Garden Gnome Software for his awesome program Object2VR Not only did it convert my old QTVR files to flash. I like it better than any other program I've tried for making new ones!

If you would like to support this site please click on some of the links, such as any link to ebay or a photo supplier on our pages. Ebay pays decent rates if you buy an item within 7 days of clicking on our links. It doesn't cost you anything, it comes out of the fees ebay charges the sellers, and ebay charges the same rates all the time. Google links pay per click so you don't even have to buy anything to help us. We still make less than the registration and hosting fees, so this is really a labor of love. Hopefully once the site has more cameras and is ranked higher in search engines it will make enough money to enable us to buy more rare and unique cameras.

This site is currently run by one person with several other jobs. The more money this website makes the more time on putting up new cameras and hopefully hire employees someday.

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